Are you a 5th grader, trying to decide which Fine Arts Elective to take in 6th grade? Are you a parent of a 5th grader who is excited about becoming a Grisham Grizzly next year?

Then you’ve come to the right place!


How do I pick which instrument to play?

Incoming 6th Grader Instrument Selection Night!
Date and Time TBA
Grisham Middle School Cafeteria

5th Grade students who plan to be in band or are THINKING about being in band next year – come try out all the instruments! This will help you decide which instrument will be the PERFECT fit for you next year!

How do I sign up for Band?

You must put band FIRST for electives on your choice sheet when you sign up for classes over at Grisham! We can’t wait to meet you!

Do I have to know anything about music to join Band?  

Not a thing! Almost all of the students who enter our band program have never played an instrument before. That’s what we’re here for!

What are the advantages of being in Band?  

The most obvious is learning to play an instrument for your own pleasure. Other advantages include:  Concerts, Contests, Trips, Parties, Dance Parties, Six Flags and the opportunity to play in one of our Nationally Recognized High School Bands!

Do I attend outside of school practices?

There are not any regularly scheduled practices outside of the school day during the first year of band. Band is a class that meets as a part of your school day!

How do I get an instrument?  

You may rent from a music company, borrow or purchase an instrument. Most parents rent an instrument with an option to buy at a later date.

Can my child be academically successful and be in the Grisham Band Program?

Of course! Many of our students go on to graduate at the top of their class, while being a part of the Westwood Warrior Band! They are National Merit Finalists, scholarship winners, and achieve at very high levels in the IB program. Band teaches time management skills, and students will have other band members to help with homework and studying!

Are used instruments acceptable in the Band?

If you wish to purchase or otherwise obtain a used instrument for your child, please let us help you evaluate it before you invest.

Are there any school instruments available?  

The school provides a limited number of larger and more expensive instruments, including Oboes, Bassoons, French Horns, Euphoniums and Tubas. Parents pay a rental fee to Grisham.

Can my child participate in sports and other activities while taking Band?  

Absolutely! We encourage our band members to participate in athletics, dance, cheer, and other activities. Many of our band members are the star athletes at Grisham as well as leaders in all academics!