Private Lessons

Please remember, you need to sign up every year!


Why does the band program highly encourage private lessons?

Private lessons are strongly encouraged for all band students, as they provide consistent one-on-one instruction for students, which is crucial at all times in a student’s development as a young musician.

Private lessons allow students to reinforce and receive personal insight on the fundamentals that will help them be successful as a musician, as well as allow them to move at an accelerated pace beyond that of the normal band class. Private lessons also help our students to prepare for additional band events, such as the Region Band audition process, Solo and Ensemble contest, chair tests, and additional auditions.

At Grisham, 90% of our band students are enrolled in our Private Lesson program.

How can I enroll my student in private lessons?

You can enroll online here: Online Enrollment Form.

How often do lessons occur?

Lessons typically occur once a week.

When will my student have their private lesson?

Students will have their private lesson at one of the following times: before school, during band class, after school, or during another time during the school day. 7th and 8th graders can come in for their lessons during the lunch period or their Den period. 6th graders can come in for their lessons during their IB Tech/Exploratory Language class. We have worked out this fantastic system with the other teachers on campus to ensure that your student has their lesson at a time that works for you and the private lesson teacher! Your student will have ample time to make up anything that they may have missed.

When will lessons start?

Lessons usually begin the 2nd week of school, depending on private lesson teacher availability.

How do I pay the lesson teacher?

You will pay the lesson teacher directly through whatever method works for you and them. They will communicate their rates with you.